What is the Ninth House in Astrology?
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What Is The Ninth House?

(Associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius)

House is a term used by astrologers to define another set of twelve sectors of the sky which are similar to the twelve Signs, but may differ in size and in where the House Cusps start and end (the First House always starts at the Ascendant). Think of two old wagon wheels with twelve spokes each, attached to the same axle. The spaces between overlapping spokes are like the Signs and Houses and the spokes are like their cusps. In the sky, the Sun and Moon and Planets are each traveling through both a Sign and a House at any given time.

The Meaning of Houses

The Houses have meanings which correspond in some ways to the meanings of the Signs, but are more like "where", while Signs are like "how". To use a military metaphor - each Sign has a specific "strategy" ("how" it will seek to accomplish its mission) and each House shows "where" that "strategy" will be played out (in what "area" of your life).   See What Is A House in Astrology?
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NINTH HOUSE: This is the House of
where you seek (or teach) higher Truth and the meaning & purpose of Life through:  philosophy, religion, higher learning, spirituality, mysticism, inner vision, journeys of the mind, psychic attunement, taking the long view, seeing history and the present from a higher perspective, observing and connecting widely-divergent ideas and opinions;

where you learn Wisdom and wise judgment based on knowledge of Higher Truths - not just knowledge of facts - and where you exercise wise judgment (or need to);

where you seek "the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth" as a Judge or Juror or Lawyer in a court of law (higher courts only), or as a Law-Maker in a Government - where the issue is seeing the Truth or finding the Truth, not about judging, fairness, or punishment;

where you seek Joy and fun - especially through the discovery of new Truths or new ideas or new foreign places, or spiritual beliefs or cultural beliefs or ways of living you didn't know before;

how you see the Humor in surprising things, such as when the similarities in widely divergent ideas are suddenly seen and appreciated (i.e. a broad sense of humor which appreciates an apparent paradox or absurdity or irony, or laughs at Life's pitfalls - including an appreciation for "slapstick" comedy); the concept of "Philosopher Clown" refers to one who can see and share Humor by connecting contradictory concepts when others did not see the connection at all - it takes a "philosopher" with wise vision to see connections others cannot see, and he can make people laugh like a "clown" does by suddenly showing that surprising, totally unexpected connection;

where you learn about life and its diversity through: study of foreign ideas or foreign cultures or religions, travelling to foreign lands, encounters with foreign people and their differring viewpoints, tolerance of foreign races, cultures, religions, or traditions;

where and how you travel, as mentioned above; but also specifically foreign travel or overseas travel (in boats and airplanes) or long journeys to "foreign" places (not "short trips" which is a Third House matter).

Through its association with the sign of Sagittarius (the half-man, half-horse Centaur who was an archer/philosopher/teacher/healer) the Ninth House is also about where healing is needed and/or performed - in the broader sense such as the philosophical, psychic, and spiritual - and also in alternative health, spiritual healing, foreign health practices, and foreign affairs. The Ninth House terrain may also involve, in some way, horses or large human-helper animals like donkeys or mules or camels or oxen or elephants. These are animals that helped early man expand his range of travel to new places (by carrying his supplies) and increase his speed of travel and message-sending (man riding horse v.s. man running).

With the planet Jupiter as its Ruler, the Ninth House affairs will have an element of truth-seeking or largeness or broadness or expansion - NOT smallness or details or limitation or contraction. When dealing with Ninth House issues, consider whether you should look for the real Truth, or "think big", or take a broader view of the situation, or expand your awareness, or overcome your limitations.

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 Click for Sun Sign Table.  ©2001 by  Michael Star

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