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Simultaneous Separate Situations

Synchronicity is a term invented by the great Swiss psychologist, Dr Carl Jung (a partner of Sigmund Freud), to describe a "meaningful coincidence" or an a-causal relationship between two things or events. Note how coincidence contains two parts: "co" and "incidence". Think of it as one incident occurring "with" another incident.

One does not cause the other, but they can be seen to occur together at the same time. So if you observe one of them occurring, you can assume the other is also happening at the same time.

This natural phenomenon called synchronicity is what explains "how Astrology works".

A birth chart and a birth horoscope are essentially the same thing. In the language of Astrology, a birth horoscope is also called a "natal horoscope" or a "nativity". Natal means "at birth". The person who is represented by that birth chart is called "the native". When someone refers to his "star chart" he may really mean his "birth chart" which shows the location of the sun, moon and planets on his birthday, against the pattern of stars which form the "signs" of the zodiac.
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In Sync: Same Time, Different Space

This mysterious synchronization is what allows astrologers to interpret the positions of the Planets as indicators of motivations, feelings, actions and events for the people whose individual horoscopes would be attuned to particular positions of the Planets at any given time. This is the basis for making astrological forecasts and predictions by examining present and future transits of the Planets to the planetary positions in the birth horoscope - which you might describe as being "imprinted" at that particular time and place.

One's birth is a unique "incident" in Space-Time, and one's horoscope is a record of the Space at that unique instant in Time. Synchronicity applies to us as individuals when we tend to take on the qualities of our own unique "time", just as societies and cultures tend to take on the qualities of their period in time.

What is "born" has a Horoscope

Groups of humans such as countries and corporations, and all living things like dogs and cats and horses, have a unique time and place of birth; so a natal horoscope chart can be cast for them, as well as for individual human beings.

A corporation is "born" when it is incorporated. A country is "born" when it declares independence or when its leaders sign its charter. THE WORLD THIS WEEK column which once appeared in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine is based on the natal horoscopes of world leaders and people in the news, as well as countries and/or corporate entities like multi-national companies and public institutions. (You can see a weekly forecast for US President George W. Bush here.)

Since two people cannot occupy the same "Space" at the same "Time", even identical twins will have slightly different birth charts. A Personal Horoscope Reading is based on your full birth data, and the birth chart it is based upon will include the positions of the Sun and Moon and ALL the Planets. The time and place determine the form of the birth chart and the location of the House cusps.

The interpretation of that chart is called a "horoscope reading" or "a birth chart reading" - or, in astrological terms: "a delineation" of the birth horoscope, It will tell you what your horoscope says about you as a unique individual, based on that "synchronicity" between planets and people.

Is it a coincidence that you are the way you are? You might say it is the co-incidence of the position of planets and the formation of your psyche which lets a talented astrologer interpret your birth chart and tell you things about yourself which you may not even know yourself. Just as we have a biological DNA which can be interpreted to predict physical traits, we also have a kind of "psychic" DNA which can be interpreted to predict psychological traits. In either case, it is synchronicity which lets us look at one and know the other.

When the astrologer is asked about present or future events in your life, he will prepare one or more additional horoscope charts for the present or future time, to see where the Planets are positioned at that time and how that relates to their positions in the birth chart. Your birth horoscope is like an agenda or curriculum for your entire life. The positions of the Planets at various times in your life indicate when certain items in your life agenda need to be dealt with, and the general conditions which will encourage or challenge you to deal with them.

By the principle of synchronicity, the timing of planetary alignments corresponds to the timing of situations in your life, but only when those planets form certain angles to the positions the planets occupied in your birth horoscope. What is indicated for other people at one time may not be indicated for you at that same time, because your birth horoscope is unique.

Any kind of horoscope reading should refer back to the birth chart, for it shows what traits and talents and challenges you were born with, and how these are likely to evolve over your life time. Your birth chart is like a road map already marked to show your chosen destination in life. A horoscope chart for today or tomorrow is only showing a few experiences along the way. Your birth chart shows where you came from, and where you are headed.

Your whole life exhibits a synchronicity between the motion of the planets and the emotions and events you experience. The planets are not "making" you feel or do things, they just "indicate" what "kind" of things - and "when" those things occur in the timetable of your life experiences. Because astrophysics has given us the mathematical formulae for calculating the motion of the Sun and Moon and Planets, we can calculate their positions for any time in the past or the future. When we know their future positions, we also know that by the principle of synchronicity your future experiences will correspond to what those future positions usually mean when interpreted by the principles of Astrology.

Those astrological principles were discovered through several thousand years of observing the positions of the planets and the corresponding effect on the affairs of human beings. Once a repeating pattern was observed - such as where a certain planet making a certain angle to a second planet always seemed to correspond to the observation that people being born at the time when that angle occurred would exhibit certain qualities - then it could be assumed that the same correspondence would occur the next time someone was born under the same angular alignment of those same planets.

When the theory worked, it was added to the body of knowledge and applied with confidence in future situations. When the that particular theory proved to give unreliable results, it was either discarded, or further refined until it did. Thus the Astrology we use today has been refined over 5000 years of actual observation and analysis. Astrology is still evolving, but is now sufficiently refined to be remarkably accurate in predicting the meaning of the synchronicity between planets and people.

Most of the specialized horoscope readings designed by astrologer Michael Star, such as the Karmic Gifts and Lessons reading C2, the Career Counselor reading C4, or the Psyche Secrets reading P5, are based on a person's birth chart. The Compatibility Analysis reading C1 is based on a comparison of the birth charts of two people.

There are many secrets to be revealed in your birth chart, that map of the heavens as they appeared at the time of your birth. It's as if you needed your life map to be stored in the sky, because you came into this world without clothes and couldn't carry it in your pocket! Your horoscope is your map, and Astrology is how you interpret that map. And just as road maps correspond to roads, horoscopes correspond to people. As you can read a map to know the road, you can read a horoscope to know the person. And in both cases, it is synchronicity that ties them together, so you can look at one and know the other.

You can click here to order a Personal Horoscope Reading at www.AstrologyZine.com, in which Michael Star explains the meaning of your horoscope chart in plain English.

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