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What is the Birth Data for
Osama bin Laden ?
a.k.a. Usama bin Laden

The birth data for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is of interest to many amateur and professional astrologers who want to cast bin Laden's birth chart. Who knows what the natal horoscope of the world's "most wanted terrorist" might reveal about his character and motivations?

The following birth data is listed at the official Interpol web site, but birth time is unknown.

Usama bin Laden: born 10 March 1957
in Jiddah, SAUDI ARABIA. Latitude: 21N30. Longitude: 39E12. The time zone of Saudia Arabia is GMT -3.0 hours (3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time). Jiddah is sometimes spelled Jeddah. Usama is often misspelled as "Osama". Note the "USA" in his name!

Also see FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists. (Rewards of up to $5 million are offered.)

No exact birth time is known, so you may have to use a "solar chart" method and assume his time of birth is at noon or at sunrise. In the birth chart of Osama bin Laden, his Sun is in Pisces, square to Saturn in Sagittarius; his Moon is in Gemini or Cancer, depending on what time of day he was born; his Mercury is conjunct Venus in Pisces; and his Mars is in Taurus, square to Pluto in Leo and trine to Jupiter in Virgo.

A wise astrologer once said, "Character is Destiny" - meaning that the character you were born with (and can mold through your choices in life) is what influences the choices you make - and thus determines the consequences they lead to.

You are born with the type of character indicated in your birth horoscope, and have the basic needs and motivations it indicates; but you can make choices about what to believe about yourself, about what actions you will take, and how you will react to your experiences in this lifetime. It may be difficult or even impossible to change your basic nature, but you can choose many different ways to express your nature, and which parts of your nature to express or suppress. A man who is a spiritual seeker and gifted with a charismatic quality and leadership abilities could become a spiritual leader or a religious zealot, a famous teacher or an infamous terrorist - and his "destiny" will likely be determined by his choice. We are here to learn to choose wisely.
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