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Free Sagittarius 2009 Horoscope
by Michael Star ©2009.
A Predictive Astrology horoscope in


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Constellation Sagittarius.

Sagittarius 2009 Horoscope

by Michael Star (c)2009

This is a general yearly forecast for people born with Sun in Sagittarius. A similar but more personal forecast with more details may be ordered on-line and sent by email in 24 hours for $5-$10 by selecting any |YOUR Horoscope| hotlink.

"Live life now, for come what may,
The Future's what you choose today."

©1999 Michael Star


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       YOUR  YEARLY  F O R E C A S T  

     Sagittarius             01JUL2009
     (c)2009 by MICHAEL STAR 'For Amusement'  Valid TODAY 01JUL2009 WED
     81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G4S7 #F10000090629001
     As the Sun and Planets appear to travel through the 12 sectors of
     the sky called the "Houses" they INDICATE (do NOT create) certain
     emotions & experiences or events that could be manifesting in the
     lives of certain people in whose Houses the Sun & Planets appear
     during the time covered by the forecast.  (The House boundaries
     are based on the TIME of birth).  This "forecast" lists several of
     the MOST LIKELY EFFECTS as each Planet travels the House it's in
     ON the forecast date; which last until it reaches the next House.

     While Jupiter is in House 3 more than 2 years  06JAN09->
     It's time to see the Truth about what you observe in daily life.
     You expand your perceptions and see things you had never noticed.
     You communicate more clearly and more often - and may write more.
     You speak your mind more openly and frankly - and tell the Truth.
     Opportunities arise to study; do courses or research or read more.
     You may travel more; and learn from foreign ideas & lifestyles.
     Your conscious awareness expands beyond your old limited thinking.
     You benefit from a neighbor or a sibling or the relations improve.

     While Saturn is in House 10  121 more days  03SEP07->30OCT09
     It's your time to show the world what you are; to give your gifts.
     Your potential to accomplish the things you worked for is highest.
     If you are ready to "go for it" you will be recognized/rewarded.
     If you can be a leader or expert then now the world recognizes it.
     If you have not put effort & discipline into your work you fail.
     Failure to properly prepare for success limits your success now.
     You may focus on material status so your personal growth suffers.
     The personality you've developed is now reflected in your career.

     While Uranus is in House 4 more than 2 years  30DEC03->
     It's time to FREE YOURSELF from self-limiting PAST attachments.
     You get insight on how childhood events/traumas still affect you.
     You confront & clear old beliefs that unconsciously control you.
     There are radical & often sudden changes in home or family life.
     The most personal or private aspects of your life are CHANGING.
     Avoiding CHANGE means Life may force you to by upsetting events.
     Any sudden upsets or accidents show where changes are necessary.
     Unresolved tensions in your family come to crisis to be cleared.

     While Neptune is in House 3 more than 2 years  28NOV98->
     It's a time to perceive higher Truths by observing daily life.
     The way you deal with everyday affairs is profoundly altered.
     If you're OPEN to your intuition you receive subtle insights now.
     To REJECT your psychic insight means you'll feel CONFUSED by it.
     Your developing imagination adds to your creativity; or confusion.
     If your thinking is rigid events make you give up your illusions.
     You develop interests in spiritual matters or study metaphysics.
     Be clear in your communicating; beware misunderstanding & deceit.

     Sagittarius          01JUL2009 12:00 AM DT Zn 5    Toronto ON    

     (c)2009 STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine -
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Constellation of Sagittarius

The Scoop on Sagittarius

See Celeste Teal's article The Scoop on Sagittarius in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine for more insights into the Sign of Sagittarius.

Please understand that even if your birth horoscope does not have the Sun in Sagittarius because you were not born between December 22 and December 21, (plus or minus a day, depending on the year), it may still have the Ascendant or Midheaven in Sagittarius; or the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in Sagittarius. You need to know your own personal Natal Horoscope Chart to tell where ALL the Planets were located by Sign and by House at the time and place of your birth.

If your natal horoscope has any of these Planets in Sagittarius, the key words and traits of Sagittarius will apply to some part of your psyche and personality. And most people will have the Sign of Sagittarius on the cusp of one (or even two) of the Houses in their natal horoscope, and thus will tend to use a "Sagittarius" strategy in dealing with the areas of life said to be "ruled" by that House which has Sagittarius on its cusp.

This general forecast is based on a technique called "The Solar Chart". It is not a prediction, but a forecast of probable outcomes based on astrological techniques. Because the actual date and time and place of birth for a particular reader is not known, certain assumptions have been made to create this horoscope reading which will apply to anyone born between NOV 22 and DEC 21 (plus or minus one day).

IF you were born within one day of either of the above dates, the Sun may have been in the ADJACENT Sign, depending on the YEAR and TIME and PLACE you were born (being on the border line is often called "being on the Cusp"). Only by having your personal Natal Horoscope (birth chart) calculated accurately will you KNOW exactly where the Sun was. But you can GUESS, by reading interpretations for BOTH Signs to see if one seems more accurate for you.

If you know your Ascendant (or Rising Sign)is Sagittarius, you may find this forecast even more accurate, since this simplified Solar Chart is actually created by assuming the Cusp of the First House is at zero degrees of the Sign the Sun was in at your time and place of birth. If your Sun was in Sagittarius, then your Ascendant will likely be in Sagittarius if you were born within about one minute to 120 minutes BEFORE SUNRISE, so you and other Sagittarius people with pre-dawn births may find this forecast especially accurate.

Depending on your actual TIME of birth, the date ranges given in the forecast may shift somewhat - they will be earlier if born later. The best way to get a really accurate reading is to order your own Personal Horoscope Reading.

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Page Published FEB 18 1998. Last Updated July 01 2009 03:00 EST.

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(c)1998-2009 Michael Star, Astrologer
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON, Canada L5G 4S7

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