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2007 Horoscope for
U.S. President George W. Bush
by Michael Star
, Astrologer.
STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine
(c)2007 January 01.


President George W. Bush's 2007 Horoscope Forecast

by Michael Star ©2007

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In the earliest days of Astrology, it was practised only by the most learned men of a nation who were the advisors to the head of state. The personal horoscope of the ruler of the nation was interpreted in the context of it being an indicator of the affairs of the entire nation, not just of the individual man or woman.

Since most rulers of nations today do not have the absolute dictatorial power of the kings of ancient times, this way of forecasting the fortunes of a nation is not as useful, nor is used by modern astrologers as a primary indicator. However, to the extent that the leader's personal choices influence the decisions which govern the nation, his or her personal horoscope will remain an indicator of what motivates those choices and thus affects the nation as a whole.

So when you read President George W. Bush's personal yearly horoscope forecast, you might find it interesting and perhaps enlightening to assess for yourself how well it relates to the choices he is making which affect the affairs of the United States and its role in world affairs. I can tell you that when I write the Daily Horoscope for Leo every day, I always wonder how well it will describe attitudes and actions and events in the life of George Bush, since the Ascendant Point in his personal birth horoscope just happens to be fairly close to the one used in creating the general Daily Horoscopes for the zodiac sign of Leo. See below to learn why it is Leo and not Cancer. With the 2006 Forecast there will not be as close a correspondence to the general one for Leo. But you might find it entertaining to see how often something you see in the news might have been forecast in the Daily or Weekly Horoscopes for this Cancerian leader of the world's super-power nation!

The yearly horoscope forecast reproduced here is the same one offered to Michael Star's clients through STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine, and no changes have been made to make it appear more appropriate to George Bush's current affairs. Any person with the same month/day/year/time and town of birth as President Bush would receive the same personal horoscope reading (please note that I said TIME of birth too). Some of the same experiences will be faced by many people, but they may manifest in different forms or occur at different times in their lives.

George W. Bush's birth date was July 6, 1946, and his place of birth was New Haven, Connecticut, USA. The reported birth time used here is 07:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Although his birth chart has the Sun in Cancer, his Ascendant Point is at 07 degrees of Leo (and thus his Rising Sign is Leo, the same as Bill Clinton). The general Free 2007 Horoscope for the Sign of Leo (which assumes the Ascendant is at 0 degrees of Leo) will be quite similar to this personal horoscope forecast, which is based on President Bush's exact time and place of birth and his true Ascendant Point at 07 Leo.

The experiences mentioned in the forecast will often be the same, but the timing (the date ranges) will be different - and the Free 2007 Forecasts do not indicate the dates of "strongest effect" which are calculated and shown for all personal 2006 Forecasts (they are based on the exact positions of the Sun and Moon in the individual's birth horoscope, which are not known when creating the free forecasts). The free forecasts are fun to read, but you should not rely on them alone, for they do not take into consideration a lot of astrological factors which are unique to your own birth horoscope.

This 2007 yearly horoscope is for illustration purposes only, and was not requested nor approved by President George W. Bush.

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       YOUR  YEARLY  F O R E C A S T  

     George W Bush           01JAN2007
     (c)2007 by MICHAEL STAR 'For Amusement'  Valid TODAY 01JAN2007 MON
     81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G4S7 #F00000070102001
     As the Sun and Planets appear to travel through the 12 sectors of
     the sky called the "Houses" they INDICATE (do NOT create) certain
     emotions & experiences or events that could be manifesting in the
     lives of certain people in whose Houses the Sun & Planets appear
     during the time covered by the forecast.  (The House boundaries
     are based on the TIME of birth).  This "forecast" lists several of
     the MOST LIKELY EFFECTS as each Planet travels the House it's in
     ON the forecast date; which last until it reaches the next House.

     While Jupiter is in House 5 1.04 years  29NOV06->16JAN08
     It's time to express your true self in your creative endeavours.
     You gain courage to act REAL; to show your true self without fear.
     You may enjoy a new romance with someone so different or foreign.
     You can be more honest and open; which improves all relationships.
     Relations with children improve; at times you feel proud of them.
     In any creative work you're more inspired; do more; and make more.
     You seek & find more FUN and enjoy new ways to express yourself.
     You gain confidence; take risks; explore more; feel free and alive.
     Strongest effect: 06JAN07 07JAN07 30JAN07 31JAN07 15JUN07 16JUN07

     While Saturn is in House 1  226 more days  02JUN06->15AUG07
     It is a time to restructure your life; to build firm foundations.
     It's time for a reality check...  is what you do the "real" you?
     It's time to concentrate on you: to define yourself. Who are you?
     Your convictions may be tested: can you act on what you believe?
     You need to work on yourself now and focus inward, not on externals.
     Life may bring obstacles & hardships if you won't work on yourself now.
     It's high time to become more self-disciplined and responsible.
     You need to focus on what's most important and not be distracted.
     Strongest effect: 31JUL06 30JUL06 24JUN06 23JUN06 02JUN06

     While Uranus is in House 8 1.47 more years  28JAN03->21JUN08
     It's a time for CHANGE in your attitudes to sex and/or to money.
     New relationships may be intense & unstable & CHANGE you somehow.
     Existing sexual relationships undergo radical changes (or end).
     Your life suddenly changes, or involves intense and deep feelings.
     You suddenly BREAK FREE from relationships which restrict you.
     A shared source of income suddenly changes for better or worse.
     Someone you depended upon might leave your life unexpectedly.
     You may seek to break free from a frustrating obligation or debt.
     Strongest effect: 17FEB07 18FEB07 10AUG06 09AUG06 01MAY06 30APR06

     While Neptune is in House 7 more than 2.00 years  23DEC01->31DEC08+
     You are more self-less and compassionate in one-on-one relations.
     In close relationships there may be confusion, evasion of deception.
     Beware of wishful thinking, self delusion, and unwise self-sacrifices.
     Partners in care-giving or creative work inspire or confuse you.
     You may encounter an ideal love; or spiritual bond or psychic tie.
     You learn to give Unconditional Love - to surrender your expectations.
     You have an opportunity to give devoted care to someone in need.
     Advice received may be clouded by confusion, evasions or deceptions.
     George W. Bush       06JUL1946 07:26 AM DT Zn 5    New Haven CT  

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This horoscope is for illustration purposes, and was not requested nor approved by President George W. Bush. For entertainment purposes only.

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