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Notes to Young Lovers:

Is It True Love?

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is a kind of love horoscope which includes an innovative method of analyzing and rating the various aspects of your love relationship by using Astrology. The Mating Rating assigns values to each of seven Factors, so that you can tell by looking at the "scores" which aspects of your love relationship have likely attracted you and drawn you together - and keep you together, or not. Is it because...

  • you love talking and listening to each other, and have a "mental rapport"?
  • you felt like you were "best friends" right from the start, and always feel comfortable together?
  • you felt like you had known each other in some past life, and were drawn together by Fate?
  • you have romantic feelings every time you look at one other?
  • you're infatuated, but it's an infatuation that may fade?
  • you feel loyal to each other, so it's a bond that will last?
  • you feel a strong physical attraction that tells you "this is the one"?
  • you're sexually attracted, but it's just Lust?

In analyzing the love relationships of younger people v.s. older people, it often appears the attraction comes more from factors which create romantic or sexual interest and excitement than from the factors which create harmony, stability, and long-term bonding. We may think we are "in love" but often we are merely attracted to certain qualities of the person we desire.

This is to be expected, for it is through our relationships that we learn who we are and what we really need to feel fulfilled.

Many of us have a series of romantic relationships starting in our teens or twenties. Obviously, not every person who attracts us turns out to be a long-term lover or our lifelong mate. We learn by making mistakes - by choosing the romantic partners who are right for us at the time, and for a time, but not for ever.

When reading the "Mating Rating" at the end of The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report, or any kind of "love horoscope" report, you may be hoping to see some super-high numbers suggesting this is the "perfect" mate. We all wish for a Soul Mate or True Love, and often our "wishful thinking" leads us to believe our present partner will be our perfect partner.

If we realistically look back at our own past relationships, we'll have to conclude that few, if any, were potentially ideal life-long loves - even if we thought so at the time. If they really were our "True Love", we would likely still be with them and not reading a compatibility analysis about our present partner. With this "fact of life" in mind, please don't be too disappointed if the numbers for the "Longevity Factor" or "Friendship Factor" or other "Factors" are not as high as you hoped for!

Value the love relationship for the good things it is giving you in the present, but decide for yourself if its potential for happiness is worth a lasting commitment to the future. Remember that every relationship is a lesson in life, and every relationship can give you a lasting gift of wisdom: knowing what you want or don't want in a relationship, or how to avoid making the same mistakes again!

As you experience more love relationships, you naturally learn how to attract relationships which are better able to satisfy your needs for personal fulfillment and genuine loving. Theoretically, the older and more experienced you get, the higher your love relationships tend to "score" in the Mating Rating - because you get better at finding partners who are better FOR you!

This is not to say a couple in their teens might not meet and recognize a True Love at an early age; but such lucky breaks are exceptions rather than rules! Most of us have to experience a lot of love relationships before we get to the right one and learn how to keep it and care for it. What's important is to recognize it when you find it, and then do what's necessary to keep it!

If in your Compatibility Horoscope the "Factors" labelled Infatuation, Physical, Friendship, Rapport, and Longevity just all happen to BE in the 80% to 99% range, then you MAY have found a romantic relationship really worth working at, one deserving some serious attention and a willingness to compromise in order to nurture it and keep it growing!

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report was designed to help you RECOGNIZE a True Love - even when you don't seem to realize what a valuable treasure you have found!

The decision is yours, of course, but it helps to have your attention drawn to something you may have been missing. If your Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report helps you understand that your present partner has the potential to be an ideal mate, this realization may help you decide to value this gift beyond price - and avoid losing it!

- Michael Star

©1996-2007 Michael Star
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There are several kinds of "love horoscopes" available at STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine, all created by Michael Star, who is both an astrologer and a computer programmer. His love horoscope readings are both interesting and informative, entertaining and enlightening - and written in plain English!

One of his most popular "love horoscopes" is the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope for two lovers. Just send the birth data for BOTH persons in a potential or existing (or past) love relationship and you will get a 10-15 page report describing the romantic relationship in detail, plus a Mating Rating report which rates the potential of your love relationship on seven Factors:
* Initial Attraction/Infatuation
* Friendship/Platonic Love
* Rapport/Communication
* Longevity/Loyalty
* Karma/Fate
* Difficulty/Differences
* Physical/Sexual Satisfaction
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